The Low-Down on MLMLeadSystemPRO

The Low-Down on MLMLeadSystemPRO

As Network Marketers, we are often inundated online with teasers like, ‘Free leads,’ ‘Why So Many Fail in Network Marketing,’ ‘Learn the Secrets of Top Producers,’ etc. There are so many systems, ‘gurus,’ and guru ‘wannabes’ out there seducing struggling Network Marketers into thinking that on a drop of a dime, they can be top recruiters in their primary company.

MLMLeadSystemPRO has turned the self-branding, funded proposal system industry on it’s head as one of the most prestigious attraction marketing systems in the industry.

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Todd, Brian & Norbert

MLMLeadSystemPro…a.k.a. MLSP, My Lead System Pro, was founded by Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale, and Todd Schlomer only two short years ago. Within it’s short life, MLMLeadSystemPRO has taken the coveted prize of the #1 Lead Attraction Marketing System online for Network Marketers.

Brian, Norbert & Todd were struggling Network Marketers for years implementing the traditional strategies most NWMers are taught to build a business…i.e. make a warm list, talk to everyone you come into contact with about your business, attend networking events, etc.

As with almost every NWMer out there, they found little to no success with those strategies and each individually set out on a path to figure out how to find success in MLM! Through a course of events, each stumbled onto the infamous ‘Magnetic Sponsoring‘ E-Book written by the ‘godfather’ of attraction marketing, Mike Dillard, learned the fundamentals of attracting prospects rather than chasing prospects, met each other at live Network Marketing events and, as they say, ‘the rest is history.’ MLMLeadSystemPRO was born.

MyLeadSystemPRO was launched as a training vehicle to teach Network Marketers how to effectively and professionally brand THEMSELVES, not their businesses, thus attracting qualified prospects to present their business to. Attraction Marketing is undoubtedly the single-most important marketing strategy that differentiates the Network Marketing professional from the amateur.

You may be asking, ‘If branding myself is so important, then why aren’t companies teaching traditional Network Marketing strategies and not attraction marketing?’ That is because, Network Marketing companies know their product NOT marketing. They know how traditional Network Marketing has been built the last 50 years, however, they are NOT teaching updated, more effective marketing strategies utilizing the internet.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, many Network Marketers are seduced by stories of, ‘How I sponsored 125 people into my business in one month and became a top earner in my company!’ It’s a sad occurrence and one that deems a discussion.

Yes, there are those rare stories about a rookie Network Marketer achieving ‘MLM gold’ by hitting their marketing strategies ‘out of the park’ very quickly. As with ANY of those stories, they are very rare and should NOT be expected.

Many of the seductive capture page headers are written by experienced Network Marketer/Internet Marketers who, in most cases, moved to a new company with a list and/or team already in place and moved many of those people into their new opportunity. What we don’t read on the page, are the years of learning, implementing, and massaging of their prospects and teams to build the kind of relationship that when said person moves to a new company, 125 others move with him.

For those struggling Network Marketers out there who are researching MLMLeadSystemPRO and have never marketed online, the reality is that, as with anything, there is a learning curve. There cannot be a predetermined time that you are willing to give the system before you quit. Magical things don’t happen in 3 months, 6 months or even a year. However, I guarantee with some intelligent effort, one will experience more results than hammering through the traditional methods of building a NWM business day in and day out. Are you getting five leads per day right now? The answer in most cases is a resounding, ‘NO!’ Could you be getting five leads a day within a week or two of marketing online? Absolutely.

MLMLeadSystemPRO offers and amazing backoffice of training on every strategy out there online. They offer weekly FREE webinars on Wednesdays for continued training, and also offer daily motivational calls to inspire members and non-members on their daily activities.

The results one has with MLMLeadSystemPRO is ultimately up to the person. Daily implementation of marketing strategies with an attitude of ‘I won’t quit until I succeed,’ will have a very different result than, ‘I’ll do an article and see if I get any leads then do another one in a couple of days.’ Emotional intelligence plays a large factor in one’s success or failure. Have the later attitude above, well, my friend, success in ANYTHING you do will most definitely elude you!

As with any business, there are those who ‘attempt’ to do something and then there are those who ‘get after it’ with everything they have. Some will succeed, some won’t, but it’s not for a lack of information that MLMLeadSystemPRO has to offer.

For me personally, MLMLeadSystemPRO has changed everything for me in a positive manner. I will say that I had done absolutely NO online marketing prior to being introduced to MLSP. I had never done a video, let alone uploaded a video to YouTube. I had heard the term ‘blog,’ but didn’t really understand what it was. I was a traditional Network Marketer struggling along as most Network Marketers do.

Where I am only one year later is a place that I never would have dreamed of. I am now, not only building a MLM business, but I have expanded my business to include things that I am very passionate about, but left behind years ago! Because of the knowledge I learned from MLMLeadSystemPRO, I now have the power to market anything online, attract prospects, and build a funded proposal system of my own. My business has grown past Network Marketing being my only stream of income to having multiple streams of income. I am forever grateful for MLMLeadSystemPRO.

In addition to the education platform MLMLeadSystemPRO offers, they also hosted their first live event this past October that was an extraordinary collaboration of some of the best internet marketers in the industry. I was able to attend a private dinner with the three founders and found the solid proof to my earlier opinions that these guys genuinely care about the success of their members.

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Me & Brian Fanale, co-founder MLMLeadSystemPRO

There is a genuineness about Brian, Norbert and Todd that is exuded from everything they do. From launching new strategies, new products, new motivation, one can feel the passion they feel for continuing to build the MLMLeadSystemPRO system to be one system that cannot be matched.

To anyone struggling to find success in Network Marketing, whatever that means to you, I would highly recommend MLMLeadSystemPRO. Does it matter who you get started with? Absolutely. I joined MLSP and spent a year really delving into the strategies myself. My success did not come as quickly as those who joined someone that knew what they were doing and could immediately steer them in the right direction. I didn’t have that. Now that I know the system, know the strategies, and know what mistakes NOT to make, I have a clearer idea of what I could have done differently from the beginning. The learning curve can be shortened for a new person by partnering with someone who knows how things work.

If you’ve read this far, then it is now time to learn & implement MLMLeadSystemPRO.

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